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 TLS#011 {0.1.1}

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TLS#011 {0.1.1} Empty
PostSubject: TLS#011 {0.1.1}   TLS#011 {0.1.1} EmptyThu Aug 07, 2014 8:16 pm

(This update includes from TLS#0011 {0.0.11} to TLS#0.1.1 {0.1.1})

Welcome to this third update!
This one is very special, because it fixes a lot of bugs from the game, although it stills buggy  Laughing 

0.1.1 - Changelog
- Added Toxicity! (In game called "Toxivity" don't ask why).
- Added Vaccine (will reduce by 8 the toxicity, and also in negative numbers!).
- Added Infection; you get it when you are attacked by an enemy.
- By Right-Clicking an item in your inventory, you can destroy an object permanently.
- Added a new modern house and dumped the shabby one.
- Added "Loot simulator" to the modern house.
- Added "Enemy Spawner" test (all capsules).
- Added "Loot Spawner" test (all 4 items)
- Health Packs will heal 24 points of health.
- Colliders added to the house.
- Torch remodeled.
- New textures.
- Terrain smoothed (hopefully).
- "Running" animation was restored.
- "Showing table" was added right next to the spawn.
- "9999999" number was set to the "Loot spawn" test.
- Attempted to fix the water problems.
- "Mountain Camp" was remodeled (optimized)
- Fixed some new features!
- Memory management was slightly optimized!

Bugs Fixed:
- Some bugs were turned into features! -
- TLS#0017 - Running animation didn't looped correctly.
- TLS#0015 - You don't fly away by picking up a health pack anymore.

Bug To Fix:

And those are the "reported" bugs!

Report bugs here!

Some images!

(Will upload them later!)

~ Jennifer
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TLS#011 {0.1.1}
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