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 [DEV] TLS#020 {0.2.0}

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[DEV] TLS#020 {0.2.0} Empty
PostSubject: [DEV] TLS#020 {0.2.0}   [DEV] TLS#020 {0.2.0} EmptySat Oct 25, 2014 7:38 pm

It's been a long time!
I'm here to tell the awsome news for the upcoming update.
TLS#020 will be made in Unity 4.6 BETA.
Hoping to have a menu and a crafting system Laughing
Of course, to remind people who don't know about the new Unity Update.
Unity 4.6 allows developers to create GUI System easier, due to the GUI System included, obviously.
So, in the other hand, we've been off-line for a LONG time for several reasons, one of them is that the 5 computers we had... Wait ... HAD... That's the only thing I have to say. Well, only 1 computer that "survived" a virus.
The computer, which is a notebook, meaning that is one of the worst computers we have, isn't that good to create the game. I mean, it has a Pentium in it, come on.
So what it's important is that we'll keep going in this game, only with one computer. (We actually have one extra computer, but when we use it, it suddenly shuts down, without warning, it just... shuts down.
Our data got hacked somehow (meaning someone else loves us so much, so he hacked our systems) that we've lost important data from the game. But we managed to recover it.
Also we have to mention the horrible internet connection we're having. And for the record, we're getting 30 MB  Razz
But it won't stop us!
We're working on 0.2.0; and something we have to say:

- In name of the Quantum Development Team, we're starting once again the project; but we'll have some problems until the Pre-Alpha update. Zombies and Swimming is causing +999k problems, so we are trying to configure the zombies A.I. and the swimming will be very poor. No oxygen, or limits, but we don't want users to fall down to the dirt when they jump in the water. The Zombie A.I. is somehow corrupting the others scripts, so; for now, we only can say: "We are sorry". -

Changelog 0.2.0:
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[DEV] TLS#020 {0.2.0}
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