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 [TI] Inventory System

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[TI] Inventory System Empty
PostSubject: [TI] Inventory System   [TI] Inventory System EmptySun Jan 18, 2015 7:20 pm

Welcome to the presentation of the Inventory System!

The Inventory System (Resources) is the "second" inventory of the game. Where only 3 resources are displayed; wood, stone and cloth.
All of them are collectible resources that can be found all around the map.
The new "Advanced-Realistic" system will require you to crouch in order to get wood.
Stone and Cloth will be added later, but you can use "Debug Menu" to get materials.

Coming up in future updates:

The "Pre-Alpha" version will include "Tree Chopping" as well; where you can get wood, obviously.
The "Alpha" will include "Mining", and you'll be able to get... stone.
And the "Beta" will include animals, you can gather cloth.
And the "Pre-Released" will include Fishing.

All this will be thanks by: SpeedTutor

~ Kate
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[TI] Inventory System
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