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 [TI] Debug Building [Debug Menu]

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[TI] Debug Building [Debug Menu] Empty
PostSubject: [TI] Debug Building [Debug Menu]   [TI] Debug Building [Debug Menu] EmptySun Jan 18, 2015 11:23 pm

[TI] Debug Building [Debug Menu] 52fff312

Welcome to the presentation of "Debug Building!

Now, there's a new way to build things... If you don't want to gather all the resources, you can use the new debug building menu.
You can access it via the Debug Menu (L), and press the button "Insta-Build".
It will allow you to spawn a structure without materials.
This is used in the [TI] and in the [MI] until Alpha... Because the game doesn't count with stone to mine or animals/trash to get cloth.

~ Cathy
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[TI] Debug Building [Debug Menu]
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