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 [DEV] TLS#011 {0.1.1}

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[DEV] TLS#011 {0.1.1} Empty
PostSubject: [DEV] TLS#011 {0.1.1}   [DEV] TLS#011 {0.1.1} EmptyTue Jul 22, 2014 8:19 pm

ToDo: (at least expected)

- Added Water Bottles
- Added Food
- Added some trees
- Added a small camp up the mountain
- Terrain smoothed
- Enemy AI will improved
- Thirst and Hunger will decrease slower
- Enemy causes less damage to the player (arround 7-18)
- Added 3 types of enemies (with more or less health // damage)
- Added another mountain (not accessible)
- A source light will be added (Candle/Torch/Something)
- The none-sense wall (will be) deleted.

Bugs to be fixed:
- TLS#0001 - "Running animation" is not played when the player sprints.
- TLS#0002 - Door get stuck.
- TLS#0003 - Water appears in the middle of the map.
- TLS#0004 - You can't climb the mountain.
- TLS#0005 - If two enemies attack you, you get stuck.
- TLS#0006 - "Crouching" key slows you down, but you don't actually crouch.

And those are the "reported" bugs!

Report bugs here!

{ http://thelastsurvivor.forumotion.com/f18-report-bug }

Thanks for being interested!
Hope you have fun... exploring the map Smile !

~ James
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[DEV] TLS#011 {0.1.1}
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