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 [DEV] Capsule

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PostSubject: [DEV] Capsule   [DEV] Capsule EmptyMon Aug 04, 2014 7:22 pm

This deathly enemy attacks without hands, arms, or movement, its powerful mind is enough to destroy your body little by little, because it is OP.
Seriously, what can kill you with psychological power? Only with the mind? (That was a rhetorical question by the way).
You probably see my way to express myself as "informal" or "unprofessional", it is actually easy to explain like this, so lets move on!

'Capsule' is/was the first  enemy in the whole game. Introduced in the version 0.0.2 [DEV], Capsule was strong enough to take around 20 points of damage (-20 Health).
In the whole "DEV Build", "Capsule" is a hostile enemy, it will attack the player if it is less than 10 feet.
Capsule has 3 states:
Green: Or Passive, is when the enemy isn't chasing any player.
Yellow: Or Neutral-Hostile, is when the enemy saw you, and its watching you.
Red: Or offensive, is when the enemy is chasing you, and will try to kill you.

Capsule has 3 types:
- Normal: deals 20 points of damage, has 100 health
- Plus: deals 35 points of damage, has 200 health
- Hyper: deals 40 points of damage, has 500 health.

~ Cathy

[DEV] Capsule 34f11
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[DEV] Capsule
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